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A Waterless Triathlon, a Comeback King and a 53 Year Old Champion // The Para Triathlon World Cup in

The Para-Triathlon World Cup carnival descended on the Californian seaside town Sarasota last weekend where 37 athletes from 12 different countries lit up Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Poor water quality meant the World Cup triathlon format was changed to a sprint-distance Duathlon. Nevertheless the race resulted in some exciting action with epic battles. By Classification, here are the summarised results:

PTWC Class Men

In the wheelchair category Nic Beveridge was the quickest man, the Australian was able to stay in front of Brazilian Fernando Aranha, despite his stronger impairment. With a stronger impairment of course comes a higher time allowance and Beveridge managed to stay in the lead after this time advantage given by classification. In third came Czech Republic’s Jan Tomanek. Beveridge took to Instagram to celebrate his first ever international victory “I ended up crossing the line having done more than I thought possible at this point of my rebuild. I won my first ever international race. Six years of competing & I’ve finally won one.”

Nic Beveridge crossing the finish line.

PTWC Class Women

Brazil’s Jessica Ferreira was the first woman in the wheelchair category to cross the finish line, in the end there were only 14 seconds left of her classification given time advantage over American Kendall Gretsch. Brenda Osnaya Alvarez from Mexico took the third place.

PTS2 Class Men

Adam Popp was the quickest in the PTS2 category, in his home country the American managed to beat Colombian Alberto Almeida Arciniegas, who came in second, by more than a minute The third place was for American Cahin Perez who was 6.5 minutes behind the Colombian.

PTS4 Class Men

Andrew Nicholson was both the fastest man in the PTS4 category and the fastest Irishman on the track. He finished just ten seconds after the one hour mark, with Chinese Jiachao Wang only 38 seconds behind him. About three minutes later Frenchman Brice Marmonnier was the third man to finish.

Andrew Nicholson holding the finish ribbon.

PTS4 Class Women

In the women’s PTS4 only two competitors managed to finish. The American Kelly Elmlinger did it first, in front of her namesake Kelly Worrell who is also American.

Kelly Elmlinger crossing the finishline.

PTS5 Class Men

Juan Carlos Cano Espinoza from Mexico finished first in the PTS5 category. In second Antoine Besse from France came in, about three minutes behind the Mexican. Besse was followed by Japanese Keiichi Sato, who was only 17 seconds behind.

PTVI Class Men

The fastest visually impaired man was Yuichi Takahashi from Japan with a lead of little less than a minute over American Kyle Coon. Takahashi crossed the line to be crowned champion for the first time at the age of 53. Coon was followed by Satoru Yoneoka, also from Japan, who was just 18 seconds behind him and took the third spot.

Yuichi Takahashi and his guide crossing the finish line.

PTVI Class Women

The PTVI Women’s category was completely filled by American athletes, therefore it was not that surprising that an American took the win. Elizabeth Baker was the first to cross the finish line, closely followed by Amy Dixon, who was 18 seconds behind. Eliza cooper, the only B1 class in this category finished third.

Elizabeth Baker and her guide just before crossing the finish line.

Athletes on Instagram:

Source / more info: https://www.triathlon.org/news/article/2018_sarasota_paratriathlon_world_cup_recap

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