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Parasports World 60 Seconds with Ellie Simmonds

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

5 times Paralympic Gold Medalist Ellie Simmonds sat down with us to take the Parasports World 60 second challenge. It's quite simple really, 60 seconds, answer as many questions as you can. Read on to find out which athlete she'd most like to train with, sneaking past security and how she tackles nerves head on.

5 times Paralympic Gold Medalist Ellie Simmonds

Did you have a childhood nickname?

Well my sister used to call me ‘Nee Nor’, like a fire engine, because she couldn’t say my name properly! But apart from that it was always either Ellie or Elle.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Have fun and smile.

If you could train with one person for a day, who would it be?

Well I’d want somebody determined, so outside of swimming I’d say Mo Farah. In the swimming world I’d have to go for Sophie Herzog, I’d go and train with her in Colorado.

Three pieces of kit you can’t live without?

Goggles, Swimsuit, Pullbuoy.

5 times Paralympic Gold Medalist Ellie Simmonds

What’s your go to song?

It’s normally Drake – Take Care, with Rhianna.

Biggest success in your career?

It really has to be getting the Gold medal in the 400m free at the Paralympics in London in 2012.

Sneakiest thing you’ve ever done?

Does sneaking under security ropes count?! (Yes it does!)

5 times Paralympic Gold Medalist Ellie Simmonds

How do you deal with nerves before a race?

I love nerves, I just embrace it and think to myself ‘I’m not going to shake, I’m just going to get in the zone’

Favourite Movie?

I love Saving Mr Banks, with Tom Hanks and recently I’ve really got into The Greatest Showman.

Best thing about being a Para-Athlete?

Proud to represent my country, the chances to travel the world, meet people, have a laugh, being part of the team, the list is endless really!

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