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Parasports World Spotlight: The Asian Para Games

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

You probably know the Paralympic Games are the biggest sporting event for para athletes, but Asian athletes are preparing for another big event that’s coming up: the Asian Para Games. The next parasports equivalent will be held from 6 to 19 October 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

What are the Asian Para Games?

The Asian Para Games are a multi-sport event comparable to the Paralympic Games, however the Asian Para Games are exclusively for Asian Para athletes. It is the first Asia-wide parasports event.

How did they begin?

Before the beginning of the Asian Para Games the FESPIC Games were held (from 1975 to 2006). These games were for athletes from Asia Pacific only. After the last edition in 2006, the FESPEC Games were replaced by the Asian Para Games and so was its board. This all led to the first Asian Para Games in 2010, held in Guangzhou, China.

Which countries compete the Asian Para Games?

About 3,000 athletes from 43 countries will be competing against each other. These countries include, China, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan and Oman.

Asian Para Games I Paralympian Sareh Javanmardi posing with her gold medal I Parasports World
Paralympian Sareh Javanmardi posing with her gold medal

Which sports are on show at the Asian Para Games?

The event features 18 different sports, of which 15 are known from the Paralympic Games. These sports include athletics, swimming, archery and table tennis. One of the other sports is chess, something you might not expect to be on the calendar of a major sporting event. A striking move if you ask me.

The second of those is bowling, often considered a leisure activity, is also a sport you might not expect to see on such a big event, however it was on the regular 2018 Asian Games calendar as well.

The third of those sports is lawn bowl, the goal of this sport is to roll a biased ball as close as possible to a smaller ball, which serves as target.

Another sport that should be highlighted is badminton, the sport will make its Paralympic debut at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Therefor it will be extra interesting to see para badminton players in action.

Asian Para Games I Para Swimmer Giseon Jo happy with his result I Parasports World
Para Swimmer Giseon Jo happy with his result

Which athletes should you watch out for?

Iran’s Sareh Javanmardi is aiming for gold and someone you should really watch out for, this woman is the reigning world champion in 10m air pistol and has won multiple other gold medals in world championships, the Paralympic Games and the 2014 Asian Para Games.

Swimmer Giseong Jo from Korea is only 22 years old, but has already won three Paralympic gold medals. In Rio he won the 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle. It was not an accident, because he did exactly the same at the world championships one year earlier.

Han Soo Kim, a Korean Boccia player, has won medals in major competitions like the Paralympic Games, world championships and the Asia-Oceania Games. Over the past four years, he has shown to be someone to watch out for in both individual and pair events.

Asia Para Games I Boccia Player Han Soo Kim cheering after seeing the result I Parasports World
Boccia Player Han Soo Kim cheering after seeing the result

How often does it take place?

Just like the regular Asian games, the parasports equivalent is planned to be held every four years. Both of the events are hosted by the same city, something familiar to the Olympic-and Paralympic Games.

This year’s edition of the Asian Para Games will be the third after Guangzhou, China in 2010 and Incheon, Korea in 2014. It, the next edition will be hosted by Hangzhou, China.

Where can you find out more about the Asian Para Games?

Website: www.asianparagames2018.id / www.asianparalympic.org

Instagram: www.instagram.com/asianpg2018

Hashtag: #ParaInspirasi


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