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The Battle for World Cup Glory: CP Football World Cup 2019

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

The best Cerebral Palsy (CP) footballers in the world will converge on Seville this weekend for the kickoff of the IFCPF World Cup 2019. The tournament which is hosted at the world class facilities of Sevilla FC will begin on Saturday 06 July with the opening match between Argentina and hosts Spain.

IFCPF.com and SevillaWorldCup2019.com are the online epicenter for tournament information and live streaming. Be sure to follow IFCPF and FEDPC (Federación Española de Deportes de Paralíticos Cerebrales) for updates around the clock.

The CP Football World Cup brings together the very best CP Footballers from all corners of the globe I Parasports World article
The CP Football World Cup brings together the very best CP Footballers from all corners of the globe, expect smiles, tears and some quality football!
What is the IFCPF World Cup?

the IFCPF World Cup is the world cup of CP football and the most important qualifier event for the Paralympic Games. CP football is a form of football designed for people with cerebral palsy or related neurological conditions. This tournament will be played by 7 aside teams. For more info on CP football in general watch the video below:

How did they begin?

In 1982 Denmark was host to the very first CP Football World championships. After editions in 1990, 1998 and 2003 it started to be consistently organized every two years until 2017.

Which countries compete in the IFCPF World Cup?

There will be 16 countries competing, qualified by regional championships and ranking:








  • IRAN







  • USA


CP Football World Cup macth Ukraine vs Ireland I Parasports World article
CP Football World Cup macth Ukraine vs Ireland I Photo source: paralympics.ie

Which teams should you watch out for?

- Ukraine

Ukraine is the world ranking leader, reigning world champion and vice European champion. This makes them the ultimate team to watch. Keep an extra eye on Vitalii Romanchuk who was, with 7 goals, shared top scorer during the European Championships.

- Russia

From a 8th spot in the world ranking the Russians managed to beat world champion and world ranking leader Ukraine in the European Championships final last year. The big surprise of the tournament be a team to watch out for in the World Cup.

- Brazil

Despite the 7th position in the last World Championships, Brazil really are a team to watch. The currently second ranked team in the world showed their class by winning the American Championships last year.

Where can you find out more about the IFCPF World Cup?
  • sevillaworldcup2019.com

  • instagram.com/ifcpf / @ifcpf

  • facebook.com/ifcpf / @ifcpf


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