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Para Cycling Road World Cup | Ostend (BE)

Ostend, Belgium hosted the 2017 Para Cycling Road World Cup. Stand out performer in the men's category has to be Rickard Nilsson picking up a first place finish in both the Time Trial and Road Race. The riders will now switch their focus to Emmen, Netherlands and the next round on 30.06-02.07.2017.

Time Trial

T1 Rickard Nilsson

T2 Hans-Peter Durst

C1 Michael Teuber

C2 Colin Lynch

Road Race

H1 Benjamin Früh

H2 William Grouxl

H3 Edward Maloof

H4 Jetze Plat [read more]

H5 Alfredo De Los Santos

T1 Rickard Nilsson

T2 Craig McCann

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