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The Best of the Best of the Paralympic Games

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Who are the Paralympians with the most gold medals over their careers? Find out here....

2018, year of the PyeongChang Paralympic Winter Games! With our television screens about to be set ablaze with dazzling performances between 9-18 March, its the best time to brush up on some amazing facts about Paralympic legends.

Everyone knows Michael Phelps as the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, with 23 gold medals over his career. But thatcan begin to look like child’s play by the time you get to the end of our list of the most decorated Paralympians of all time, specifically, the most gold medals won over their careers.

The Canadian is the most decorated Paralympic athlete in the country‘s history. Michael Edgson, a visually impaired swimmer, captured 17 Gold and 3 Silver medals, setting 9 World Records over three Paralympic Games between 1984 and 1992. He is now the Director of the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

The German has participated in six Winter Paralympics and two Summer Paralympics, collecting 19 Gold medals in the process. She has won 4 medals in athletics, the remaining from the slopes of Alpine skiing. Reinhild also made another list – she is the first athlete with disability to land a $1 million sponsorship contract.

Béatrice has won four gold medals in 1984, one in 1988, six in 1996, seven in 2000 and two in Athens 2004. The French swimmer also broke nine world records at the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney. One of her driving motivations was to be compared with Australian superstar Ian Thorpe, which she achieved when the magazine Marianne described her as "the French Thorpedo‘‘.

With 22 golds, the Norwegian Ragnhild is the most successful Winter Paralympian of all time. Ragnhild has topped the medal table in Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing & Ice Sledge Speed Racing over five winter Paralympic Games. Amayingly, from Innsbruck in 1988 to Salt Lake City in 2002, she remained unbeaten in cross country skiing, and has been on the podium for every winter Paralympic event she ever entered!

Blind since birth, Zorn-Hudson is the most decorated Paralympian in history with an astounding haul of 55 medals in seven Paralympic Games. Over the period of the American‘s illustrious swim career between 1980 and 2004, she won 41 gold medals. She also holds eight world records in various events in her category. She was inducted into the Paralympic Hall of Fame in 2012.

Did anyone else notice that four of these five spectacular athletes are females? You go girls! Article by Pritha Chakravarti for Parasports World


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