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Top 3 Parasport movies of all time : Our Pick

Ever wondered what the top movies about parasport are? Everyone has heard of Murderball – inspite of the tell-all line from the movie, “you can´t market Murderball to corporate sponsors“, it seems to have reached the public quite effectively. This movie about wheelchair rugby at its best is arguably the most well-known (and bloodiest) one about para-sports out there. But is it the best? We’ll leave that to you to decide. Our top picks in the race are:

3. The Best of Men (2012)

The Best of Men

Towards the end of World War II, Dr Ludwig Guttmann escapes from Nazi Germany and arrives at the Stoke Mandeville hospital in Buckinghamshire. He is appalled to see the condition of the partially paralysed patients there, and gets down to making changes. He later proposes and hosts (in spite of much opposition) the national wheelchair sports competition at the hospital, which goes on eventually to become the Paralympic Games.

Best Line:

"I have will my Olympics, and the rest of you can go to the devil!"

Check out the trailer here.

2. My Way to Olympia (2013)

Film director Niko von Glasow, is a short-armed avowed hater of sport who cannot understand how anyone could take on such an ordeal voluntarily. Even more since everyday life for people with a disability is most often challenging enough. That doesn’t keep him from following the stories of U.S. archer Matt Stutzman, Norwegian table tennis player Aida Dahlen, German swimmer Christiane Reppe, Greek boccia player Greg Polychronidis and a Sitting Volleyball team at the Paralympic Games at London 2012. His dry humour and authenticity make the documentary style movie a pleasure to watch.

Best Line:

“Do you remember your first kiss?“


“Will you tell me about it?“


Well. Sometimes its as simple as that, isn’t it?

Check it out here.

1. Rollaball (2014)

The Rolling Rockets are a team of Ghanaian polio survivors have discovered skate soccer – a sport that is fast and extremely physical; played by people with disabilities. It combines skating, soccer and handball, with players rolling on the concrete field on homemade skateboards, and trying to hit the ball into the net to score. With a new lease on life, these players who have to beg on the streets to feed themself and their families, experience the positivity and power of sport.

Best Line:

“I thank God for creating me like this“

Get your sneak peek here.

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