Parasport is an umbrella term used for sports practised by para-athletes.


The term parasports and para-athletes refer to grassroots and elite levels; they support a focus on the abilities of athletes and are sought to replace terms such as disability sports.


Paralympic sports, on the other hand, is more specific as it is a reference term to the sports on the Paralympic programme.


At Parasports World you can read about exiting parasports and Paralympic sports, outstanding para-athletes and Paralympians, and amazing parasports events like the Paralympic Games, the Invictus Games and other para-championships.

Parasports World provides parasports and paralympic sports news, entertainment and community to a global audience interested in sports. Our vision is to redefine the way that parasport is reported: It’s great sports by great athletes. Our mission is to bundle worldwide parasports enthusiasts by delivering content that they love to see and engage with; from the Paralympic Games, the Invictus Games and other inspiring parasport events and championships.

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